Saturday, 19 January 2013

Shakshuka Irish Style

So its 2013 and I'm full of good intentions and resolutions like I will eat less, I will lose two stone, I will exercise more and most especially I will do more food related activities like add recipes to the blog, attend food festivals regularly etc.  - Does anyone see a problem with this?

However another resolution is to make use out of my cookery book collection and on this note I promise I have started well. I currently have an obsession with all things middle eastern  or to be more precise Yotam Ottolenghi.

I have all three of his books and have gone and bought lots of lovely spices, pomegranate molasses and preserved lemons. I really love the freshness of the recipes. I particularly like Shakshuka which is basically eggs poached in a spiced tomato sauce. So one Sunday morning recently I decided to give it an Irish makeover! The results were delicious although I can't see some of my other resolutions being realised successfully if I indulge in this too often. Having said that everyone in the family enjoyed this thoroughly.

Shakshuka Irish Style

1          Onion diced
1          Can cherry tomatoes
1Kg     Ripe tomatoes chopped in big chunks
454g    Sausages
6          Slices streaky rashers cut inot lardons
1 tsp    Cumin seeds lightly roasted
1tsp     Harissa paste (or to taste depending on your tolerance)
1         Red pepper diced
150ml  Water
1 tbsp  Olive oil
6         Eggs
Bunch Coriander

Saute the onions until golden for a bout 5 mins then add the cumin and harissa and cook fro a minute or two. Then add the lardons and sausages chopped into bite sizes and allow to brown for a few minutes. Next add the peppers and allow to soften for a minute or two. Then add all the tomtoes and the water and allow to come to a simmer for about ten to fifteen minutes until its  bubbling and thickens up a little. Adjust the seasoning to your taste. Then make little nests for each egg. Crack the eggs into the nest and swirl the egg white slightly in the sauce. Allow the eggs to poach gently leaving the yolks golden and runny. Sactter fresh coriander leaves over the top and serve. Perfect on a cold morning.